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How to Properly Clean a Leather Horse Bridle

A horse bridle is not only for controlling the horse but also a decorative accessory. A leather bridle needs cleaning and appropriate maintenance for it to last longer.

The bridle of your house needs to be cleaned once per week. This is if you do not use the bridle daily. The rain gets the bridle wet hence it will get damaged if you do not clean it immediately. Leave it in a cool place that is dark for a few days to dry before using it. You will notice parts of the bridle that need stitching in good time before they are completely damaged. Your bridle will last longer if you clean and repair it frequently.

The bridle is wiped down using glycerin soap and water. Warm water quicken the cleaning process because dirt will come out of the bridle faster. Ensure that you are using glycerin soap but not any other soap. Find glycerin soap online, at a department store or saddlery store. Apply glycerin soap on a piece of cloth and dip it into the warm water to dampen it. Use a sponge if you cannot find a piece of cloth. You should take enough time to drop the cloth on the leather bridle so that you can concentrate on places with stains, oil and dirt to ensure that all of it is removed.

Washing soda is suitable for removing dirt from a bridle that is heavily soiled. If warm water and glycerin soap cannot remove oil and grease you should use washing soda. Washing soda can be found online, at department stores or saddlery stores. Mix a handful of washing soda in a bucket full of warm water. Use a piece of cloth to clean the bridle the same way you were using a piece of cloth with water that is mixed with glycerin soap.

You should you slightly wet piece of cloth so that you do not make the bridle so wet that it cannot dry in a few days. Wipe away all the washing soda or glycerin soap from the bridle. Your bridle will get damaged if you make it too wet or leave glycerin soap or washing soda to accumulate on it.

The bridle should be dried by hanging it in a cool and dark place. The temperature of the place you choose should be consistent because if temperatures fluctuate the bridle will crack. Cover it with a soft piece of cloth so that it is not exposed to dust.

A leather bridle does not need regular oiling, but it should be oiled once per month. However new and very dry bridle requires regular oiling. This will keep it from cracking, make it flexible and smooth on the horse.
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